MetronomeThe metronome is an expertly engineered device that synchronizes music with time. Its focus is precision and harmony. For this reason the metronome exemplifies Metronomic’s approach to real estate development and community revitalization: Professional, precise and in harmony with the needs of the communities that it serves.


Metronomic’s approach to real estate development is focused on enhancing the communities it serves while creating a profitable venture and demonstrating the highest level of professionalism in every stage of the development process. While we are a profit-driven company, our core values are centered on social and economic improvement, community development, local collaboration and exemplifying industry standards for quality design, planning, construction and development.

Collectively, Metronomic’s staff has over 83 years of practical experience, in addition to advanced academic degrees in urban planning, construction, business, finance, marketing, engineering, architecture and real estate. Metronomic was founded upon principles of integrity, transparency, hard work and quality. These values guide our business daily in establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our team members, investors and the communities we serve.

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