Metronomic is Ready to Partner With Millenials – the Next Generation of Investors

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Burdened by student-loan debt and limited job prospects, Millennials have often been overlooked in the real estate investment industry. The Millennial Generation (or Generation Y) is the demographic following Generation X. They are typically classified as adults born between the early 1980’s and early 2000s. But having come of age during challenging economic times, today’s youth and young adults have emerged as the most financially prudent, resourceful, technologically savvy and best educated generation in American history, and are said to hold an estimated $2 trillion in liquid assets within the coming years.

Tantalizing Rewards Await Those Who Invest in Metronomic Projects

Investment Opportunities

Commercial real estate (CRE) is a billion dollar market that promises tremendous opportunities to investors, especially in Miami. In 2015 alone, the city added close to $3 billion in new developments. While many investors would find the barrier of entry too high or risky, Metronomic, Inc. is utilizing the latest technology and innovation to offer viable returns balanced by social responsibility.

Metronomic, Inc. is Leading the Charge in Making Miami a More Livable and Vibrant City for All

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With its vibrant and cosmopolitan culture, dynamic economy, and favorable climate, Miami, Florida has long been identified as one the nation’s most desirable cities to live in. It is no surprise that its real estate market continues to be one of the fastest-growing and most valued in the world, adding $2.7 billion in new construction since 2015 alone.

Metronomic’s Private Crowdfunding Platform Offers Attractive Returns and Creates a Positive Impact on Communities

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Crowdfunding has come a long way since it was first conceived in 1997, when art and music fans started coming together to pool their resources and support their favorite artists. A little over a decade later, this bold and collaborative approach to investment has grown to an over $5 billion industry, expanding well beyond the artistic world to include consumer products, technology, and even real estate development.

New Way to Invest In Real Estate, Impact Communities AND Boost Your ROI

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In the dynamic and fast-paced world of South Florida real estate, developers have numerous niches and specializations.  The majority focus on high-end residential and commercial developments.  This trend limits the ability for the average investor to participate in, and profit from most real estate development projects. Metronomic’s revolutionary approach to real estate development stands out among the rest by offering a way for any investor to take part in and benefit from numerous projects that will be changing the landscape of the Miami and South Florida market for years to come.


Crowdfunding concept

Real estate, and in particular, workforce housing, remains one of the most in-demand residential real estate opportunities in South Florida, with the potential for substantial returns on investments. The City of Miami lies at the epicenter of this trend, attracting an ever-growing portfolio of highly-ambitious and sought-after developments.